6 Intimate Yoga Holiday Ideas

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Why do you need to practice yoga at a Bali yoga retreat?

If you want to lead a healthy and enjoyable life with optimal productivity, you need to practice yoga and meditation. Complete rejuvenation becomes a reality with yoga and you can feel and look younger.

Regular practice of yoga makes you highly energetic and taking a decision to start practicing yoga can be the moment that paves the paves the way for a life transformation. When you learn how to revitalize your mind and body, you become better equipped to face the challenges in life. Negative thoughts and pessimistic attitude will go away and unwanted stress becomes a distant reality.

Physical benefits like better body posture, improved flexibility, excellent protection from high blood pressure levels, enhanced strength and strengthened immune system take your physical health into optimal levels. Yoga and meditation will transform your mental health into an elated as well. When your physical and mental health stands at optimal levels, you can easily utilize you talents, abilities, and skills to chase your dreams with great amount of success.


If you want to learn and practice yoga, yoga holidays are one of the best options available.

Enjoying a great vacation and attending yoga classes become a reality with the help of these concepts.


Here are 6 intimate yoga holiday ideas that offer excellent benefits:

Choose a reputable yoga retreat


Yoga retreats are one of the best options to learn and practice yoga.  The top Balinese yoga escapes at Blooming Lotus Yoga teach you how to connect mind and body harmoniously and they also tone your body to help you stay fit. When you join renowned yoga retreat centers, you learn how to transform your life.


Select a reliable meditation retreat

Some meditation retreats combine yoga and meditation to enhance your overall well being and you can change your life perspective to achieve greater heights in life.

Attend a yoga training course


Your yoga holiday will become more meaningful if you attend a yoga training course offered by a trustworthy yoga studio.

These types of courses not only make you enjoy the benefits of yoga but also allow you to teach yoga techniques to others.

Pick a yoga studio that incorporates transformative workshops


Renowned yoga studios do not confine their services to teaching yoga alone and they also offer transformative workshops to awaken new ideas and insights. You can learn about a lot personal growth tools while attending these workshops and they can be described as heart to heart sessions.


Choose an exotic location with strong yoga background


Most people select Asian countries when it comes to choosing yoga holidays destinations. Some places like Bali, in Asia, have huge a reputation of being the best yoga tourism destination. This place is home to some amazing yoga retreats like Blooming Lotus Yoga and you can transform your life with the help of these retreats.


Identify a yoga studio or retreat that embraces serenity


If you look at the best yoga centers or studios, you can find that they are all located at beautiful and serene places. The ambiance inside the studio must be serene, natural and inspiring and you must look for such a service provider while planning your next Bali yoga retreat holiday.


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The Number One Reason You Need To Go To A Yoga Teacher Training

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You might have heard a lot about relaxation techniques. In reality, relaxation is a state of mind you can master by constantly practicing yoga and meditation techniques. Top quality yoga teacher training programs make you familiarize with the best way of practicing yoga and you can also get to know about highly effective meditation techniques that lead you a perfect state of relaxation. You might have seen some people who are self contented and they always radiate positive energy to bring a smile on everybody’s face. How to achieve that perfect state of relaxation? The simple answer is to practice yoga. Trustworthy retreat centers like Blooming Lotus Yoga offer highly advanced yoga teacher training programs and you can attend one of these programs to learn what relaxation is all about.


What is the number one reason you need to go to a yoga teacher training?


It is a very difficult question to answer because there are plenty of reasons that make attending yoga courses for teachers an absolute must.


Learning how to find yourself on a yoga retreat in Ubud


The ultimate reason you should attend a teacher training yoga program is finding yourself. You are finding yourself through the mirror. It is not the real you. You can also find yourself through others and their feedback. It is only a perception about you and not the real you. You must find out yourself and learning about this self discovery process becomes a reality in a teacher training yoga course.

You must choose an exotic location like Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii or Thailand for your yoga practice because these places are home to some of the finest yoga training centers.

Learning yoga can be made as a part of your vacation to Bali and it allows you to practice yoga in one of the finest retreat centers available in the world known as Blooming Lotus Yoga: www.blooming-lotus-yoga.org. It is a fact that you can find yourself by attending a high quality yoga teacher training program. This self discovery is not about your family or friends, but it is purely for yourself. This is absolutely essential because you deserve it.

In fact; every human being deserves it and it allows you to refine your mind, body and spirit. When you find yourself in the real sense, you will experience pure inner peace and all those negative emotions can be released from your system. The best teacher training yoga classes allow you to find yourself and experience the blissful inner peace. In such a situation, you can build yourself up again with love and light and lead a focused life with a meaningful purpose. It motivates you to share your experience with others and they will always live your yoga in stead of trying learn in a mechanical way.

If you are in pursuit of a teacher training center for yoga, these are the three essential tips you need to follow:


Attend a training program as a part of your vacation to tropical islands like Bali or Hawaii


When you make it as a part of a vacation, you will have access to some of the best retreat centers that offer highly advanced teacher training programs.


Choose a well know training retreat center with a good reputation


All teacher training yoga centers are not offering the same types of services and you need to find a reliable one that offers a perfect ambiance and qualified teachers.


Try to identify an affordable yoga retreat package


You must not undermine the importance of price because joining a Bali yoga teacher training program is a serious investment. It is always advisable to choose an affordable package and a harmonious blend of affordability and quality can be associated with only the best training centers.

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Revolutionize Your Yoga Retreat with These Great Travel Tips

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How do you picture your yoga retreat in Bali?

Do you wish to spend time meditating in a serene and quiet environment somewhere on a beach? Or perhaps perform asanas with one of those yoga experts you heard about when planning your vacation? Whatever you may have on your bucket list concerning Bali yoga retreat, the following great travel tips will help you have one yoga vacation to remember for years. Read on.

Plan way in advance for your yoga holiday

Any vacation requires early planning and preparations, and your yoga retreat is no exception, especially if it is your first time. This stage would include researching the best yoga retreat destinations in Bali, defining the duration you will be away and the things that you would like to do apart from yoga. Also, this is the right time to seek advice from friends who have been to similar retreats.

Make a budget for your yoga vacation in Asia

Getting your finances in order is another way of ensuring that your yoga retreat turns out to be fantastic. Set a budget that will cater for all your expenditures and help you keep track of your spending, and the good thing is that you can use apps like Expensify to do this if you want to go digital. While yoga getaways are taken to be expensive, there are many places to find affordable retreat options in Bali. Just make sure that you have all the essentials covered and have an open mind.

Find a reliable yoga retreat organizer

You want to make sure that whoever is organizing the yoga retreat is reliable and the right person. One way of knowing that you are in the right hands is if the organizer is your yoga trainer or you are probably joining another group of yogis for the yoga vacation abroad. When using established organizers, you can check out their reviews online and seek to know what other people think about them. You can also check out their plan and preparation, and if it shows professionalism, you know that you are dealing with the right organizers.

Have your travel documents ready

Make sure that you have all your travel documents including your travel insurance prepared before the day of the departure. Check the expiry of your passport – it should be valid for at least six more months after the return date from the retreat. Furthermore, you may want to book your flight in advance and enjoy the discounts that come with it.

Find the Best Places in Bali

The other thing that will contribute much to the success of your yoga vacation is where you will have your retreat from.

yoga retreatThe best choice would be where you will be taught by professionals, learn something new, deepen your practice and meet new friends. Blooming Lotus Yoga is one of the renowned destinations in Bali where you get professional yoga teacher training, yoga retreats, and meditation. What’s more, you will learn classical yoga techniques like asana, pranayama and become better at meditating. The result is a purification of the body and mind leading to a realization of your full potential.

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5 Romantic Yoga Retreats Vacations

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If you want to enjoy practicing yoga and get maximum benefits out of it, you must visit a highly reputable and dependable yoga retreat.

It is a well known fact that yoga can be practiced anywhere and you can do it at your home. This healing art offers a wide variety of benefits including weight loss, stress relief, inner peace, better immunity, high body and mind awareness, healthy relationships, increased energy, better flexibility and posture, improved intuition and many more. When you start practicing yoga at home or a conventional yoga center, you easily get bored. Several reasons can contribute towards boredom and they include wrong practice, lack of results, inherent laziness and the monotonous nature of your practice.

How to get rid of all these problems?

The best course of action is to register for a yoga vacation at Worldwide yoga retreats. They make your yoga practice highly interesting and engaging and within a few days, you become self motivated to practice yoga in a daily manner, even after returning home.


Here are the 4 facts everyone should know about yoga retreats:


Yoga retreats allow you to spend some quality time for yourself

It is not a bad thing for allocating some quality time for yourself. If it brings amazing mental and physical transformation, it becomes a turning point in your life. You must realize that taking a break and focusing on your body and mind is an important part of staying healthy. Renowned Bali yoga retreat centers like Blooming Lotus Yoga allow you to stay away from all those to-do-lists, worries and stresses and you will get one or two weeks to pamper yourself.


Retreats provide the best opportunity to pamper yourself and have a meaningful inner journey


Pampering yourself for one or two weeks without worrying about complexities of material life will rejuvenate your body and mind. Top retreats allow you to dig deep into your mind and you can assess your emotions in a detached way. When you are on a popular and reliable Bali yoga retreat such as Blooming Lotus Yoga, you get a lot of insights and they provide you a new sense of direction to rediscover you.


Yoga teaches you some big lessons in life


When you get immersed in practicing yoga, you get to know more about yourself. You can understand what your body says and yoga detoxes your body and mind to refine your thoughts and actions. You will come to know some deep personal truths because of the inner journey you are undergoing in the yoga and meditation classes conducted by the best yoga retreats.

High quality yoga retreats offer you a sense of mindfulness


Yoga vacations help you witness what is happening and how are you responding. It is a state of being mindful and you become more aware about the impact your actions on the people and environment. This awareness motivates you to make sincere and committed efforts to improve in life and it takes the shape of a transformational journey to enhance the quality of your life.  So why not register for a yoga retreat in Bali right now?


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Why Yoga Will Make You Question Everything

Bali is one of the very best islands in the world known for its magical, natural and serene environment based in Indonesia, it has beautiful beaches, a good mountain scenery and rich diverse culture making it a perfect tourist destination.

It is best known for offering the best yoga training classes and training exercises because of its international teachers who are well trained and for the modern yoga resources that they use for yoga purposes.

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